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Vegard K. Thorsen
Nell Sigland
Raymond Istvàn Rohonyi
Frank Claussen
Lorentz Aspen
Hein Frode Hansen


Lorentz Aspen

Lorentz Aspen

Full name: Lorentz Aspen
Date of birth: 23.04.1978
Place of birth: Stavanger, Norway
Location: Perth, Australia for now.
Color of eyes: Brown
Color of hair: Dark-brown
Height: 176 cm
Family status: Wonderful girlfriend, no kids
Band member since: 02.10.1993

Pets: Will get a rottweiler in the future.
Occupation: Postgraduate student in Industrial Economics. Graduate in Petroleum Engineering
Instrument: Synth, keyboard, piano or whatever you want to cal
Equipment: Clavia NordLead 2, Roland JV2080 combined with Roland A-70, Roland JX-8P, Roland MKS-80 SuperJupiter and a whole lotta softsynths
Musical background: 6 years music-school learning to play piano then straight into ToT
Favorite food: Almost everything. I love to eat.
Favorite drinks: Coffee (any kind or taste),beer,wine,ice cold water with a hint of lime or lemon.
Favorite movies: Too many too mention, but I like to watch movies made by Pixar, Michael Mann, Ridley Scott and Spielberg.
Favorite TV series: The Simpsons, Dexter
Favorite actor/actress: Johnny Depp, Russel Crowe, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.
Favorite books: I don't read too much, except for my studies. The Templar triology by Jan Guillou is very good.
Favorite music: Everything with an edge to it.
Hobbies: Keeping in shape, fiddling with the computer, music, movies, spending time with people I like.
Best gig: La Locomotive in Paris, Storm Tour.
Worst gig: Propably one in Regensburg ages ago.
Loves: Kristine
Hates: Coruption, dishonesty, selfishness.
Best qualities: Ask other people.
Worst qualities: Again... ask other people.. :-)
Dreams: To live free and enjoy every of the good things in life.
Nightmares: none really. I sleep really well and only good dreams..
Life philosophy: Life comes in every colour and kind, You need to experience bad to know good. Adapt, adjust and overcome.
Best song on new album: Can't make up my mind quite, but I would say Hollow, Illusions, Forever is the World or Transition is one of the best songs.
Final words: Rock n' Roll :-)