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Vegard K. Thorsen
Nell Sigland
Raymond Istvàn Rohonyi
Frank Claussen
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Hein Frode Hansen


Hein Frode Hansen

Hein Frode Hansen

Full name: Hein Frode Hansen
Date of birth: 25.03.1972
Place of birth: Haugesund, Norway
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Color of eyes: Blue
Color of hair: Brown
Height: 184 cm
Family status: Girlfriend and two lovely children
Band member since: 02.10.1993

Pets: Puscifer the black cat!
Occupation: Musician and hellraiser
Instrument: drums
Equipment: Mapex Saturn Pro Zildjian Cymbals DW pedals
Musical background: Vocalist - Rock n' Roll Angels 1987 Vocalist - Serpent 1988-1991 Drummer - Phobia 1990-1991 Drummer - Tommy O. and the Black Riders 2009-
Favorite food: Fjordland when in hurry. Sushi to have a good time. Indian food when needing to clean the system. Traditional norwegian food when my future mother in law, Sissel cooks it.
Favorite drinks: Beer, redwine, ròsewine, expensive Champagne and quality beverages in general.
Favorite movies: City of Lost Children, Immortal, Dead Snow, Re-Animator, Evil Dead, Blue Velvet, The Hunger and real cheesy and gory horror movies.
Favorite TV series: jeeezzz. Where to start.... Arrested Developement, Black Books, Spaced, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, Entourage, Weeds, Rescue Me, Simpsons, Family Guy, Bones, True Blood (season 2), Masters of Horror, CarnivalŔ, Deadwood, Buffy, Firefly, Angel
Favorite actor/actress: The ultimate villain: Michael Wincott
Favorite books: Stuff by Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Johan A. Lindqvist, Alistar Reynolds, Jeff Lindsay
Favorite music: Johnny Cash, Covenant (Swe), David Bowie, Vnv Nation, Biosphere, Slayer, Korn (new stuff), Depeche Mode, NIN, Joy Division, Swans, Ohgr, Bauhaus, Apoptygma Berzerk, Magika (Nor), Assemblage 23, old Metallica, Danzig, Fields of the Nephilim, The God Machin
Hobbies: DJ'ing, music, movies and books/comic books (mostly Neil Gaiman's Sandman and related titles)
Best gig: Mexico City, Mexico 2000 Beirut, Lebanon 2002 Paris, France 2006
Worst gig: Several but the one first one that comes to mind is Berlin sometimes in 1997, then closely followed by Wacken Open Air 1999.
Loves: my girlfriend, my son, my daughter, music, movies, books and most things that makes life worth living (basically most of the stuff above)
Hates: Celery, pineapple on pizza and fruits in hot food.
Life philosophy: What does not kill you can only make you stronger.
Best song on new album: Hide and Seek or Forever is the World. Not sure. Changes every day right now.
Final words: "This one goes to eleven" :-)